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Attention new HMO investors…This section is dedicated to HMO training and services to help new investors get into HMO investing. Most of our customers have little or no property and/or HMO experience. These products and services are designed to help investors step up into the world of HMO investing. If that sounds like you then this was designed for you!

We have 14 years’ experience sourcing, purchasing, financing, developing and building, refinancing, letting and selling HMOs of all sizes. This section has been put together to offer incredible experience, wisdom and insight to save our customers time, hassle and money! Learn from us and leverage our extensive experience. To us this would be priceless if we were starting again.

Introductory HMO Guide - FREE


THE HMO Introductory Guide is a succinct and helicopter overview of everything start to finish in the journey of setting up your first HMO. We cover the journey from sourcing, acquiring, legals, refurbishments, tenanting and mortgages. Applicable for HMOs in England and Wales. Written for investors with no experience as well as BTL investors. This HMO guide is a must have for all beginner HMO investors. Buy Now to receive your FREE copy.

HMO Investment Manual


This is the most comprehensive HMO guide available on the market. Many trainers charge thousands of pounds for training courses with no manual and half the amount of HMO investment knowledge. This is maximum bang for your buck. Within the Manual we cover your investment strategy approach, property strategy, HMO strategy, refurbishments, financing, conversions, investment calculations, tenanting, cashflow figures, compliance and regulations, management, maintenance and valuations.  


Consultancy Call


Schedule a 1 hour consultancy call with Geoff on a day and time that is convenient for you. Geoff has 14 years experience started with BTL investments, C3 to C4 HMOs, Sui Generis HMO conversions before doing commercial to residential HMO developments. Tap into Geoff’s knowledge and experience to turbo charge your HMO journey. 

Whilst we aim to deliver value within the hour, this isn’t a hard cap. Our goal for the call is to overcome any hurdle you have. Common objectives for these calls are Strategy, Area and Property type alignment with personal investment objectives. 

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HMO Training Day: Saturday 16th Dec 2023

£375 per person

LIVE in Bishop Auckland, DL14

Get the complete package with our HMO Training Day delivered on site of a current HMO development. Included you will get the HMO Introductory Guide, The HMO Investment Manual and a Consultancy Call prior to the Training Day all included in the price. 

The purpose of this day is to allow new investors to see an HMO development in person, discuss the HMO Investment Manual face to face and get into the detail. This day is perfect for any serious investor who wants to take action and start their HMO journey today.

HMO Mentoring

HMO Mentoring

£300 p/m

We have always had mentors on our property journey. Our mentoring service has one clear objective: to coach new investors from 0 to 1 HMO developments. This is designed for those that want to purchase, refurb and refinance an HMO. This is a 6 to 12 month programme. 

If you are developing a 7 bed HMO or more than a £3,600 annual investment in mentoring will easily be covered in the profit of your first HMO deal. 

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