4 hottest HMO Investment Areas in the UK 2023

The property market is a funny one at the moment. Some investors are clinging to their hats ready for that property crash that some gurus have been screaming about since 2020. Others are carrying on like the stamp duty holiday never finished and just accepting rates have to do what they have always done. The […]

30 Step Process to agreeing an HMO builder

So you’ve bought a building ready to convert into an HMO. Congratulations, these are exciting times particularly if you are pleased you got the building for a good price. The next step, however, is critical to making the overall project a success. If you nail the quality of the refurb and bring in the costs […]

Unlock the Secrets to Profitable HMO Investing that Gurus keep secret!

Over recent years, the UK’s housing market has seen a marked shift towards the House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and private rental sectors. This trend stems from the growing chasm between escalating house prices and stagnant wage increments. Presently, with the median house price hovering around £250,000, first-time buyers face the daunting task of amassing […]

Revealed: The 8 Most Common Mistakes Made by HMO Investors

The British property market has long been a magnet for investors both domestically and abroad. Within its vast landscape, HMO investments have emerged as a mature asset class of their own due to rapid growth since 2010. Their potential for high returns, coupled with a surge in demand for shared living spaces, has made them […]

Being An HMO Owner During the Covid-19 Pandemic

During this pandemic, owning a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) comes with a range of issues and concerns. Your primary focus will need to be on keeping your business afloat and stable using the right steps and appropriate actions. Cashflow management has become a key factor in making sure HMOs can continue providing quality accommodation […]

Some Dos and Don’ts of HMO Investment

Investing in HMOs can be a great idea as long as you do your homework. If you can avoid making mistakes you are going to make a lot more money and cut out a lot more risk when it comes to your investment. Don’t rush – investment is a marathon, not a sprint. Do get […]

Finding Great Properties to Invest In

Finding a property to invest in is easy. Finding a great property with a good return isn’t as easy but it’s not impossible. You have to be smart about it and do your homework. You need to evaluate potential investment properties in order to minimise the risk of making a bad investment and maximise the […]