Coping with the Pandemic

Along with the rest of the UK, and indeed most of the world, the Covid-19 lockdown has meant many HMO landlords have seen their personal and household income impacted, and their jobs or businesses in peril. In addition to those concerns, which many people are facing, the HMO sector also faces the following challenges: non-payment […]

Work Together with Your Tenants During This Pandemic

Whether you have tenants who have lived in your property for years or new tenants, it’s best to work with them in this time of the Coronavirus pandemic. Many people are experiencing a steep decline in the income or have lost it altogether. They may not have the money to pay all of their rent […]

Dealing with the Implications of Covid-19

The commercial real estate sector is understandably concerned about the possible impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Property litigators in particular have been flooded with questions from clients anxious about how to deal with these unprecedented circumstances and prepare for adverse outcomes. The situation is constantly changing, so the following reflects government guidance as of […]