Article 4 Crack down: Latest 5 UK Cities restricting HMO Developments

HMOs are becoming harder to develop across the UK and whilst that may seem like a challenge for HMO landlords it does present opportunities and increased equity potential. Today we explore 5 cities in the UK that are cracking down on HMO developments. Let’s dive in.   New Article 4 Limitations in Coventry Coventry’s local […]

Further Restrictions on HMOs in Leicester to be announced

HMOs in Leicester are set for further restrictions to be made on HMO developments across the city. Leicester first introduced Article 4 in some areas back in 2013 but following a consultation those restrictions are set to be widened. Leicester City Councillors are will vote on the decision on Friday 18th November 2022. The current […]

Be Quick! Article 4 is coming to HMOs in Coventry

Could Article 4 be coming to Coventry to limit the number of HMOs in the area? Coventry is a hotspot for HMO investors. Logistically it is attractive because of it’s central location, accessible for investors both living North and South England with good motorway links. From a demand perspective, it’s attractive for both professional and […]

Wondering What September Will Look Like?

We’re all wondering what the new normal will look like as the current lockdown starts to roll back. We don’t know whether there will be a second lockdown nor whether there will even be a new normal as we navigate this pandemic. For student landlords, we’re still waiting for universities to decide how they will […]