Thurrock Council Quashes HMO plans in Stanford-le-Hope

Thurrock Councillors have all voted against a proposed HMO development on the high street of Stanford-le-Hope.

The application was submitted on the bases of it being “car less” meaning that tenants were reliant on location transportation to get around.

“Car Less” HMO Development

The application follows the same model as many other London based projects that claim to be carless developments but councillors heard that could only be permitted where such developments are noted on the local plans.

It is interesting to note that Councillors went on to hear that Thurrock is yet to finalise it’s local plan and therefore a carless development could not yet be approved under planning laws.

About the HMO Project

The development in question was at number 36 High Street in Stanford-le-Hope created around a retail shop. The HMO would have been created through an extension at the rear of the shop with 9 beds on the ground floor and 5 on the first floor.

The extension to the rear of the shop would have made room for 8 bicycle spaces but with no provision for parking and would compromise parking for customers to the Uniform shop to the front.

Councillors feared there would be a loss of parking space to the rear of the building currently used by shops.
Terry Piccolo, Conservative councillor for Stanford-le-Hope, said: “It’s going to have a devastating affect if they can’t park their trade vehicles at the back of the shop.

They just wouldn’t be able to cope with the amount of business they have to do and the stock they need to hold if they didn’t have facilities to park outside the shop.

Thurrock Councillors

Lee Watson, Lyn Watson, Labour councillor for West Thurrock and South Stifford, said: “I’m not against HMOs per se and the development looks quite nice However, we do have standards with relation to car parking.

“We’ve also seen in neighbouring boroughs where they tried to have car-free developments. It doesn’t work. Everybody by nature will park down the road and then it becomes more of a burden for the council.”

Objections to the scheme included overlooking of a neighbouring property, noise from a communal terrace and loss of light.

Another objector said: “The applicant has indicated that the proposal would be a car-free development but previously suggested that parking permits in an adjacent public car park could be sought. Moreover, it is considered that developments being “car-free” cannot be secured.”

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