Unlock the Secrets to Profitable HMO Investing that Gurus keep secret!

Over recent years, the UK’s housing market has seen a marked shift towards the House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and private rental sectors. This trend stems from the growing chasm between escalating house prices and stagnant wage increments. Presently, with the median house price hovering around £250,000, first-time buyers face the daunting task of amassing […]

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right HMO Estate Agent in the UK!

Navigating the UK’s HMO property landscape requires more than just a keen investor’s eye; it demands the right partnerships. At the heart of these partnerships is the HMO estate agent, a pivotal ally in the property investment journey. Their expertise goes beyond just acquisitions; they’re the guiding hand that can make or break an investor’s […]

From Obscurity to Clarity: The 2018 HMO Regulations Unravelled!

Some of the most vulnerable members of our society reside in HMOs. These individuals often live in properties not originally designed for multiple occupants, leading to heightened risks related to overcrowding and fire hazards. While the government aims to support commendable private landlords offering well-maintained residences, it’s crucial to regulate HMOs judiciously, ensuring the safety […]

Revealed: The 8 Most Common Mistakes Made by HMO Investors

The British property market has long been a magnet for investors both domestically and abroad. Within its vast landscape, HMO investments have emerged as a mature asset class of their own due to rapid growth since 2010. Their potential for high returns, coupled with a surge in demand for shared living spaces, has made them […]

The Pros of Investing in an HMO

Many property investors already know that HMOs can make excellent investments. Their higher occupancy levels generally give better rental yields than standard buy-to-lets and in many areas of the country, particularly where there is a larger transient population such as students, there is a strong demand and hence a ready supply of tenants. Typically, we […]

Myths About HMO Investments

There are a lot of myths out there in the property industry and some are so off target, they need to be debunked. The first one is that you don’t need any money to invest in a property. You do need money to invest in property investment so you should start saving now. As to […]

Brexit’s Impact on HMOs

The uncertainty over Brexit has meant a lot of investors have held back their funds until they know what the future for the country will look like. But this doesn’t mean the health of real-estate investment in the UK is in a bad shape, in many respects short term pain may lead into long term […]

Haringey Council Introduces HMO Licencing

Haringey have rubber stamped borough wide Licencing Scheme of HMOs in the area. A meeting in February 2019 of Haringey’s Cabinet concluded the matter The scheme means that all HMOs with 3 or more tenants in must be licenced. An early bird discounted rate of £500 is currently available. A selective licencing scheme for some […]

Huge Growth in Operating HMOs in Corby

Corby has seen an increase in the number of HMOs in the past few years. According to reports, the number of HMOs now exceeds 400, just over half of these have already been licenced but due to the change in licencing requirements almost another 200 require licences. In October 2018 the government changed the rules […]