Top 6 Exciting HMO Planning Approvals from Across the UK

HMO planning can be tricky, time consuming and controversial. Many councils look at HMOs through “fertiliser tinted” glasses! We’ve seen high quality all ensuite HMO schemes in high demand areas being lambasted by local councillors who have a negative outlook on the importance of HMOs in the national housing market. So, let’s celebrate these planning […]

Can I buy an HMO away from where I live?

Investing in House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) properties can be a rewarding venture, but one question that frequently arises, particularly for new investors, is whether it’s possible to purchase an HMO away from where you live.   As experienced HMO investors, we understand that the choice of location is pivotal in determining the success of […]

4 hottest HMO Investment Areas in the UK 2023

The property market is a funny one at the moment. Some investors are clinging to their hats ready for that property crash that some gurus have been screaming about since 2020. Others are carrying on like the stamp duty holiday never finished and just accepting rates have to do what they have always done. The […]

30 Step Process to agreeing an HMO builder

So you’ve bought a building ready to convert into an HMO. Congratulations, these are exciting times particularly if you are pleased you got the building for a good price. The next step, however, is critical to making the overall project a success. If you nail the quality of the refurb and bring in the costs […]

Breaking News: Council Tax Banding for HMOs Finally Amended for 2024

The UK government has taken decisive steps to amend existing legislation, bringing much-needed clarity and financial relief to HMO investors and landlords. This is a particularly welcome development at a time when the property market is grappling with high mortgage and utility costs. The significance of these changes cannot be overstated. For years, the council […]

Social Property Investing: The Ultimate Guide for 2024

What is Social Property Investing? Social property investing centres on a collaborative approach, partnering with governmental bodies, housing associations, charities, and the third sector to tackle pressing societal challenges, notably homelessness and deprivation. This strategy not only offers a lifeline to those who might otherwise struggle to secure housing but also promises institutional investors a […]

Top 10 Places to find HMOs for Sale before hitting Rightmove

Almost every last bit of residential real estate sold in the UK today is listed on Rightmove. But one of the main reasons we established HMOsales was because finding HMOs on the big platforms like Rightmove, Zoopla and OntheMarket were difficult. You can filter for all HMOs for sale in a particular area, and you […]

Asylum Crisis Uncovered: A 20 year high in the UK’s Asylum Accommodation

The Evolving Landscape of Asylum in the UK   In recent years, the UK has witnessed a significant surge in the number of individuals seeking asylum. These are not mere statistics on a page, but real people, each with a unique story, seeking refuge and a chance at a new life. Up to the year […]

12 Tips for HMO Estate Agents to Achieve 100% Occupancy

As a professional property agent, I understand the challenges and rewards of managing an HMO (House in Multiple Occupation). Achieving full occupancy is the ultimate goal, ensuring a steady income stream and maximising the return on investment for property investors. Here are some tried and tested strategies to help you achieve this:   Tenant Screening […]