Article 4 to be Introduced in Wigan

Councillors in Wigan have agreed for Article 4 Direction to be introduced in Wigan

The direction will only apply to HMOs created in Swinley and Leigh.

A consultation period will run from the end of July for 3 weeks to allow the public to feedback on this move.

In total there are 106 known HMOs in Wigan with a higher than normal concentration in Swinley and Leigh, both those areas combined make up 50% of the HMOs in the borough.

In the last 6 years Wigan Council has received 34 HMO planning applications for these two areas.

Councillor Carl Sweeney said “Historically, we have only been able to manage HMO’s of larger size, however, this new direction will give the council more opportunities to manage the development and quality of HMO’s in the two areas where they are most prevalent, which is why we have only introduced the article in Swinley and central Leigh at this stage.

“Although cabinet has agreed this move, we will be consulting with local people to give them the opportunity to respond to this new direction.”

Should the move be ratified, following consultation, the Article 4 Direction will be introduced from January 2020.