We are a specialist HMO investment agency. Beginning in 2018, we provide a a platform for HMO landlords to sell privately, exclusively and off-market. Our core services are sales, lettings, developments, training & mortgages.

Landlords receive a free valuation and can list their HMOs for free through our HMO brokering service and reach hundreds of HMO buyers. We boast almost 900 pre-qualified HMO buyers and have established relationships with active Institutions and Funds. 

For new HMO investors with no previous experience we provide training services (some free!) and JV development opportunities to help get on the HMO investment ladder.

We run a partnership scheme with letting & estate agents to sell HMOs that may normally be tricky, and allow them to access our private clients.

And we offer a top class HMO mortgage service that uses our 14 year experience in HMOs with top level commercial HMO mortgage services.

If we can help you in your HMO journey please get in touch, we would love to hear from you. 

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